Google App preferred creative partner

IT’S OFFICIAL! Kuaizi is now a Google App preferred creative partner!

We are trilling to announce that Kuaizi has been selected as Google App preferred creative partner (APCP), one of the few selections globally.With launch of the new APCP program, Google and selected partners aim to work together and help app advertisers to elevate their App Campaign (formerly UAC) performance by managingand up-leveling their creatives with end-to-end services, from design to reporting.

Kuaizi’s AI Creative Technology would be fully implemented into App Campaigns with Google’s support.

Element Level Creative Technology
Deconstruct Images or Videos into elements, reassemble automatically and optimize performance in real time.
Unique Element Optimization Algorithm
Analyze Creative Real Time Performance and Evolve Creative for Performance Uplift.
Creative element data analytics to guide long-term creative strategy
Manage and up-level clients creatives by Creative Guidebook, based on element level database.
Display Ad on YT Home
Admob interstitials
YouTube TrueView
Video on Play Store
AdMob Portrait
Rewarded Landscape
YouTube TrueView

Kuaizi is now working with Google to empower app advertisers to boost the efficiency and performance of App Campaign creatives:

Improving Efficiency:
We can create assets with full support of Google Ad formats and specifications, automatically.
Driving Performance with exclusive API integration:
With the most advanced API integration, Kuaizi can access to data by each creative asset, and therefore provide element-levelcreative insight, which guides advertisers on decision making of how to improve the campaign performance.

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